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* Please click here for Revised service charges w.e.f.01.02.2018.

*Banking Facilities for Senior Citizens and Differently abled Persons.

* W.E.F 01.07.2017 Bank has been collecting GST @18% on applicable commission/service charges in lieu of service tax @15%.

* W.E.F 01.07.2017 GST on Forex conversions are being collected. Click here for rates.

* Please click here for current MCLR rates.

* Please click here for current interest rates on deposits.

* Details of Unclaimed Deposits. Please click here.

* FREE OF CHARGE unlimited usage of BBK ATM cards in other Banks’ ATMs.BBK ATM cards can be used in all ATMs of NPCI member Banks network. Click here for details.

*Safe Deposit Lockers facility available at our Hyderabad, Aluva & New Delhi branches. Please contact branch for details.

* Interest on all types of Savings Deposit shall be credited at quarterly intervals on the last working day of March, June, September and December.

* As per Income Tax rules, applicable TDS on deposit account is deductible on accrued interest. TDS so deducted is non-refundable.

* Customers are advised to register their mandates for payment before maturity on joint deposits held on "Either or Survivor" or "Former or Survivor" basis.

* Customers are advised to issue CTS compliant cheques only.

* BBK presently does not have any 3rd Party Agents/DSAs. The marketing & processing of all products are done through its branches, by the bank staff.

* Rupee Floating Loans/ Credit limits shall now be priced at MCLR effective 01/04/2016"click here for details


Greviance Redressal Mechanism

The bank believes that providing prompt and efficient service is essential not only to attract new customers, but also to retain existing ones. This policy document aims at minimizing instances of customer complaints and grievances through proper service delivery and review mechanism and to ensure prompt redressal of customer complaints and grievances. The review mechanism should help in identifying shortcomings in product features and service delivery. It is bank’s policy to ensure that:

• All customers are treated fairly at all times
• Any complaints raised by customers are dealt with courtesy and on time
• Customers are fully informed of avenues to escalate their complaints/grievances within the organization and their rights to alternative remedy, if they are not fully satisfied with the response of the bank to their complaints.
• All complaints will be treated efficiently and fairly.
• The bank will always act in good faith and without prejudice to the interest of the customer.
The Bank’s Grievance Redressal Policy will be available at the branches and to customers on request.
The Bank shall ensure that all the concerned employees will be informed about the Complaint Handling Process.

2. Grievance Redressal Mechanism:

2.1 The customer is having full right to register his complaint if he is not satisfied with the services provided by the Bank or by the outsourcing agency, if any, appointed by the Bank.The various channels available to customers for redressal of complaints/grievances are as follows:

i) Customers can register their complaint through online complaint form on our website

ii) Customers can visit branches and log complaint in the Complaint Register maintained at the branches (during working hours of the branch).

iii) Call /write to Vice-President - Operations / Branch Head at the branches at

Mumbai – Mr.SVR Murty, VP (Operations- India)

Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait BSC
Jolly Maker Chambers II,
225, Nariman Point, Mumbai- 400 021.
Tel: 022 22823698/99 /022 43349238
Fax: 022 22044458 / 22841416

Hyderabad – Mr. S.A. Jayanth, VP (Operations),

Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait BSC,
Ground Floor,
6-3-252/1/3 & 6-3-252/1/3/A,Erramanzil ,
Hyderabad-500 082.
Tel: 040 23258600
Fax: 040 23398218

Aluva – Mr. Hari M.K. (Branch Head),

Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait BSC,
Ground Floor, Hotel Sunny's Building No,
19/1(2) Re S No.26 & 81,NH 47,
Bypass Junction, Aluva Junction,
Dist. Ernakulam.
Kerala - 638101
Tel: 484 4037437

New Delhi – Mr. Sachin Kumar (Branch Head),

Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait BSC,
Ground Floor, Unit 3 &4 ,
EROS Corporate Tower,
Opp Nehru Metro Station,
Newdelhi - 110019
Tel: 011 - 45280001/02/03/04


2.2 Escalation:In the absence of any revert / unsatisfactory revert provided through these channels, the customer can approach / write to the Nodal Officer:

Mr. Sanjay Katkar,
Head Support Services - India,
Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait BSC,
Jolly Maker Chambers II,
225, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021.
Te: 022 43349291

2.3 Time Frame for Response:

i) Normal cases : 7 working days
ii) Fraud cases, Legal cases, cases which need retrieval of old documents and cases involving 3rd party (other Banks): 30 working days
If customer’s complaint is not resolved within given time or if he is not satisfied with the solution provided by the Bank, he can approach Banking Ombudsman of the concerned State appointed by Reserve Bank of India.

3. Internal Machinery to handle Customer complaints/ grievances

3.1 Standing Committee on Customer Service

The Standing Committee on Customer Service is chaired by Head – Support services and has senior executives of the bank as its constituents. The committee, which will meet every quarter, has the following functions.

• Evaluate feed-back on quality of customer service received from various quarters. Review comments / feed-back on customer service and implementation of commitments in the Code of Bank’s Commitments to Customers received from BCSBI.
• Ensure that all regulatory instructions regarding customer service are followed by the bank.
• Consider unresolved complaints/grievances referred to it by functional heads responsible for redressal and offer their advice.
• The committee would submit report on its performance to Indian Operations Review Committee (IORC).

3.2 Customer Service Committee in Branches

Each Branch would have a Service Committee comprising of senior members of the branch with Branch Head / Manager (Operations) as Convener. The functions of the Committee are-

• Meet selected customers (a senior citizen to be included in all meetings) on a monthly interval to ascertain their comments on the service levels rendered by the Branch
• Evaluate feed-back on quality of customer service received
• Analyze the complaints received and initiate actions to redress the complaints and report to Standing Committee on Customer Service

Depositors having any complaint / grievance with regard to services rendered by the Bank have a right to approach the authority designated by the bank for handling customer complaint / grievances. The details of the internal set up for redressal of complaints / grievances have been displayed in the branch premises. A complaint / suggestion box has been kept in the Banking Hall of the branches for depositors use. The branch officials shall provide all required information regarding procedure for lodging the complaint. In case the depositor does not get response from the bank within 30 days from date of complaint or he is not satisfied with the response received from the bank, he has a right to approach the Banking Ombudsman appointed by the Reserve Bank of India.

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